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The following is a list of senior researchers, organizations, and granting agencies relating to basic experimental research on aging. If you would like to suggest an entry related to basic biogerontological research for inclusion, or have a correction for this page, please contact us at . Please note this list is, at present, very preliminary and far from comprehensive.

Researchers | Organizations | Grants

 AffiliationResearch FocusURL
Shawn AhmedGenetics Department, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hilltelomere replication, DNA damage, germline immortalitylink
Bruce AmesUniversity of California, BerkeleyRole of mitochondrial dysfunction with aging, micronutrient intake and diseaselink
Robert ArkingWayne State Universitymechanisms underlying the onset of senescence in Drosophilalink
Anthony AtalaWake Forest University: Institute for Regenerative Medicine; Department of Urologytissue engineeringlink
Steven AustadThe University of Texas, Health Science Center at San Antoniomechanisms for species-specific differences in longevitylink
Dale BredesenBuck Institute for Age Researchmolecular processes that control intrinsic cell death pathwayslink
Judith CampisiBuck Institute for Age Research, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratoryevolutionary, cellular and molecular relationships between aging, tumor suppressor mechanisms and the development of cancerlink
Judith CampisiBuck Institute for Age Researchtumor suppression and aginglink
Terry CombsUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hillglucose metabolism and longevitylink
Irina ConboyUniversity of California, Berkeley; Department of Bioengineeringrejuvenation of stem cell activity in aged organslink
Aubrey de GreyThe Muthuselah Foundation, University of Cambridgemitochondrial free radical theory of aging, methods of extending mouse longevitylink
Joćo Pedro de MagalhćesHarvard Universitycomputational geneticslink
Rita EffrosUniversity of California, Los Angelestreatment/reversal of replicative senescence in aging T-cellslink
Caleb FinchDavis School of Gerontologygenomic controls of mammalian development and aginglink
Michael FosselMichigan State Universitytelomeraselink
John FurberLegendary Pharmaceuticals link
Leonid GavrilovCenter on Aging, NORC and the University of Chicagodemography of human longevity, analysis of human mortality and aginglink
David GreenbergBuck Institute for Age Researchcardiovascular diseaselink
Leonard GuarenteMassachusetts Institute of Technologygenetics and longevity, SIR2link
Denham Harman free radical theory of aginglink
Leonard HayflickUniversity of California, San Franciscocellular replication, the "Hayflick limit"link
Thomas KirkwoodInstitute for Ageing and HealthEvolution and genetics of ageinglink
Gordon LithgowBuck Institute for Age Researchgenetics of longevitylink
Simon MelovBuck Institute for Age Researchoxidative stress and aginglink
Pierre MoreauUniversity of Montrealaging of cardiovascular system, reversal of arterial calcification, advanced glycosylation endproductslink
David NichollsBuck Institute for Age Researchmitochondrial dysfunction and aginglink
Michael RoseUniversity of California, IrvineEvolution of aging and immortality; Laboratory evolutionlink
Norman SharplessUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hilltumor suppression genetics and aginglink
Jan VijgBuck Institute for Age Researchgenome instability in aginglink
Volkmar WeissigMidwestern University College of Pharmacy Glendalemitochondrial DNA deliverylink
Bruce YanknerHarvard Universitynuclear DNA damage in the aging brainlink


Grants/Funding Sources
American Federation for Aging Researchlink
Ellison Medical Foundation: Senior Scholar Award in Aginglink
Help the Aged, UKlink
Methuselah Foundation: Methuselah Mouse Prizelink
National Institute on Aging, USAlink
Paul F. Glenn Laboratories for the Biological Mechanisms of Aginglink
University of Washington: Pilot Project Awardlink